That vital first impression

We all know how important it is for potential recruits to create that vital good first impression, ensuring CVs and covering letters are grammatically correct and error-free. But the same applies to companies and recruitment agencies; bad grammar and spelling mistakes in a job advertisement doesn’t create a good impression of the company, and won’t attract the best candidates.

Grammar and spelling errors take potential recruits’ attention away from the job advertisement’s message and call to action, and it doesn’t do much for the company’s credibility either. But it’s not just the small and medium companies that have problems with printing or publishing adverts with errors; they’re in good company, as many major brands have also made big mistakes over the years.

4 most common errors made in writing job advertisements

The four most common mistakes made by people writing job advertisements are:

  1. Spelling – making sure there are no spelling mistakes is vital to create a professional image. Just running a spellcheck won’t always pick up mistakes, particularly with words that, when spelt incorrectly, can lead to advertising something completely different. For example: missing out the letter e in ‘career’ leaves you with the word ‘carer’. In addition, spelling mistakes may impact SEO, especially if the mistake occurs in the job title.
  2. Misuse of apostrophes – many people don’t understand how to use an apostrophe, leading to them being used incorrectly numerous times. Lush fell into this trap with their error notice on website pages when cant’ was written instead of can’t.
  3. Lack of punctuation/bad grammar – as with spelling, bad punctuation and grammar gets noticed and detracts from the job being advertised, and reflects badly on the company. Missing out a comma or putting it in the wrong place can have a big negative impact. For example, in Burger King’s advert declaring ‘SpongeBob is here hiring managers’ – someone forgot the full stop.
  4. Use of incorrect words – this is another common mistake to look out for. How many times have you seen your and you’re, or its and it’s, not to mention there, they’re and their being used incorrectly? Verizon Support fell foul of this in replying to a query via Twitter, using your instead of you’re.

Job advertisements are marketing your business as much as any other content that your company prints or publishes and errors will have a negative impact. They may even prevent the company from attracting applications from the best candidates. Can you really expect your applicant’s CV to be error-free and a potential employee to have great attention to detail if your advertisement doesn’t meet the same standards? A few simple steps to check the advertisement before it’s published can save a lot of embarrassment at a later date.

At Atkinson Moss, we can help businesses to write the perfect, error-free job advertisement to attract the best applicants. We take the time to understand what you’re looking for and carefully match companies with the right employees. Find out more about how we can help your business with its recruitment needs by exploring our website today, or call us to discuss your requirements in more detail.