Happiness is such an important thing to be mindful of in life, yet some people of us trundle along in dull, uninspiring jobs, feeling like they’re stuck in them for the rest of their lives. With the retirement age going up, it literally feels like we will be working for our entire lifetime. We all spend ⅓ of our life at work, which just highlights the importance of being happy and enjoying what you do.

When you feel good, it makes it much easier to achieve your goals (on both a personal and professional level). So, a happy team really is vital when you’re looking to grow your business, and having a happy recruiter on side is a bonus. A recent study carried out by CV library concluded that professionals working within recruitment are within the top 3 happiest industries in the UK. 56.7% of Brits enjoy their job, but this increases to a huge 71% for those working in recruitment.

Happiness is the key to success

Here at Atkinson Moss, we take the happiness of our team very seriously as, at the end of the day, someone who is unhappy at work is not going to perform their best. Our results speak for themselves, and our recent shortlist in the EDP’s Future50 for 2019 really highlighted how we strive to be the very best that we can, providing a top-level service for businesses and candidates alike.

We take a real interest in the hobbies and life our staff have outside of work, encouraging them to have that perfect work-life balance. The added bonus of having three furry four-legged friends in the office also helps – have you seen how cute Rita, Rocket and Chester look in their head shots?! Recent studies have shown that having dogs in the workplace decreases stress and increases communication between the team.

The Atkinson Moss team

Our team really are motivated, driven and love what they do. We have all been in the industry for a very long time, and seeing both candidates and businesses grow and succeed after letting us help them along the way gives us such satisfaction, and a desire to become even more successful. Here is a brief insight about our team:

Angie Atkinson (Director) – with a finance and accountancy background, Angie has a strategic method to recruitment. She is someone who will always listen and follow up her plans and is a very understanding person, who takes the time to build long-term relationships with her clients. She loves to admire the Norfolk and Suffolk coastline whilst whizzing past on her bike in her free time!

Graham Moss (Director) – passionate about the underlying industry of accountancy, Graham likes to delve into businesses on a technical level, to really get to the heart of their requirements. He makes a connection with clients and candidates and is a skilled communicator. Graham enjoys golf and football in his spare time, with very little precision!

Claire Pitt (Recruitment Manager) – Claire adds a new dynamic to the team, as her specialism lies in professional office support. She is someone who always goes the extra mile and takes the time to really get to know both candidates and clients inside out. When she’s not busy building long-term relationships with clients, she can be found putting her interior design skills to good use, or taking a stroll along the beach with her family.

Lesley Freeman (Recruitment Manager – Temporary Finance) – with over 20 years of experience working within a variety of sectors, Lesley really does love what she does. This is highlighted by her constant need to exceed the expectations of her clients and the great reputation she’s built within the field as a result. In her spare time, Lesley likes to take a ride around Norfolk on her husband’s Harley Davidson. A real thrill seeker!

With employee retention being just as important as recruitment, have you taken the time recently to ask your staff whether they’re happy in their job? Is there anything you can change about your current office culture to make your team more aligned? After all, just as Airbnb’s CEO stated, ‘A company’s culture is the foundation for future innovation.