We’re excited to welcome a new member to the team! Introducing Ollie Scoular …

With nine years of recruitment experience across various industries, Ollie specializes in the dynamic field of Technology, particularly software development. His supportive and consultative approach will be invaluable as he connects with new clients, aiming to match candidates with ideal roles that enhance their career paths. Ollie’s commitment to openness and honesty ensures a perfect fit for every candidate. Many of our team members have worked with Ollie before, making his transition into our office seamless and comfortable. We’re thrilled to have him on board!

How do you feel about joining the team Ollie?
I am thrilled to be joining AM. The company has a stellar reputation, a clear and ambitious direction, and a well-recognized brand. The opportunities for growth and development here seem limitless. I’m particularly excited to work alongside such an inspiring team and contribute to the company’s continued success.