I’m sure we can agree that the past few months have affected us all in some way or another, myself being included.

Being a recruiter it’s my job to be in charge of the recruitment process which I’ve been used to for the past 8 years, until it was my turn to be recruited and this was taken out of our hands by Covid-19.

After working for a national recruitment agency for the past six years I decided I wanted to be a part of the Atkinson Moss team, a team that has built a fantastic reputation in the local market and reflected my values in the industry. I was lucky enough to be offered the opportunity that matches my expertise of joining the Office Support division with the added bonus of working alongside Claire Pitt.

With the world of recruitment changing in a matter of weeks, I found myself caught up in an unprecedented situation with the job market changing overnight. My faith and belief in Atkinson Moss and what they stand for was strengthened further when Angie and Graham took the time to call me to reassure me that they still wanted me and my job was safe.

This was a huge relief and my excitement was reignited, I couldn’t wait to be a part of the AM team (whenever this could be possible).

My start date was confirmed shortly after, however my first week wasn’t exactly how any of us would have imagined! My laptop, essentials and a thoughtful welcome gift were delivered to me by Graham (albeit at a distance) the weekend before my

First day. I immediately set up my make shift working from home office – not quite the lovely St Georges works offices I expected but I made do.

Monday morning came and it felt like I was sat next to Graham undertaking my first day in the office, (Thank goodness for Zoom) we spoke all day as he navigated me virtually around the system, database and tools I would need to hit the ground running. I feel that I have been able to pick up everything that is required and have been able to very quickly get on with my new job as if I were physically in the office. All that was missing was the direct contact with people I was so excited to work with.

In my few weeks out of recruitment a lot had changed, more than anyone could have predicted and I found myself being educated around the state of the current market by colleagues, candidates and clients, each of whom had a different experience. I was learning about the different ways it had affected them and importantly how they adapted and overcome the ‘new’ normal.

Although my onboarding process wasn’t exactly how we had planned, it was supportive, seamless and most importantly it worked. I know from my personal experience that with technology, a positive attitude and planning it can work for clients and candidates who need flexibility during these uncertain times. Being open to new ideas and utilising the technology available to us is not something that should be resisted when looking to welcome new recruits. It can be hugely effective and gives the flexibility to start a new employee from home which can be a benefit to all.

At Atkinson Moss we have proven experience of how this has worked for us and we are happy to share our experiences to help make it work for you.