This piece in the EDP about shops collaborating in order to help each other and their customers through the pandemic is really inspiring. We’ve all heard the phrase “collaboration over competition” and they’ve taken it to a new level.

I love the idea that, by working together to provide click and collect services to shoppers, they’re helping each other through these tricky times.

They recognised that they couldn’t continue the way they had been and so found a way to work together that allowed them to continue to sell goods and provide a bigger range for customers. That’s the part I enjoy the most, they’ve realised that click and collect won’t really work if someone is coming down to the shop for only one thing, so by providing a bigger selection they’re increasing the choice for customers.

Lovely, innovative stories like this are what we all need right now I think. Well done!

We at Atkinson Moss love working in collaboration with other agencies – we all specialise in different areas, so if a candidate or client has a need that can be serviced better by someone else we let them know. By working to our strengths and not trying to do everything, our clients know we’re working in their best interests.