Our AM tote bag have been showcasing it’s vibrant colours on a European tour break with Lesley and her husband, Paul. This delightful journey began in the picturesque country of Switzerland, where the couple visited the renowned Jungfraujoch, famously referred to as the “Top of Europe.” Standing at an awe-inspiring altitude of 3,434 meters above sea level, our trio enjoyed some panoramic views and a frosty tour of the enchanting ice palace.

From the majestic peaks of Switzerland, their adventure led them to the sunlit landscapes of Italy. Here, the Atkinson Moss tote bag became a constant companion, traveling through a series of charming towns and historic landmarks, soaking up

the rich cultural heritage and the warm Mediterranean ambiance. The Italian leg of their journey was marked by vibrant scenes of sun-drenched streets, exquisite cuisine, and the timeless beauty of the country’s architecture.

The tour concluded in the captivating city of Strasbourg, France.  Strasbourg’s blend of French and German influences provided a fitting finale to their European escapade.